UI, UX & Icon Design • Concept • 2016

DAY IN 2s is a concept app that I designed for everybody. With the app you can record a 2 second clip everyday and stitch them together to make one long clip. There are similar apps out there but I started from scratch to create something better and easier to use. The name of the app is a representative of the app functionalities that you can record 2 seconds clip each day.

Each time the app it’s opened a different 2 second clip is displayed on the main screen.


Here we have the app timeline, you can see all the clips that you already recorded and the days you missed.


On the timeline screen we have two indicators showing that the user didn’t record a clip yet and the other one after the clip is recorded.


You can choose the way you want to record your clips. Record with the camera inside the app or just upload a clip from your library.

Crop & Edit

After recording or uploading a clip from your library, you can edit so it’s exactly a 2 second clip.
You can also fix the volume level and brightness.

Multiple Timelines

You can create as many timelines as you want to separate moments of your life.
For example you can have a timeline for your dog, your travels and anything else you want to record.


You have the ability to export the clips in 3 different ways. By month, year or custom. By year you can select the years that you want to export. By month you can select each month separately, for example, let’s say you went in a cool trip in June and September. You can export those 2 months together. And by custom you select the starting date and finishing date.

Colors & App Icon

For this project I used the color palette below and also designed an icon for the application.


This is the wireframe created for this project. After 4 rounds of tests with different 6 users a few changes were made in the final design.