Web • Redesign • 2017

I don’t own any of these images. All rights reserved to © ESP Company, Limited 
ESP is one of my favorite guitar brands out in the market and as a designer I wanted to explore the brand and redesign their website with some improvements and to give a better visibility of their awesome products.

Guitars & Bass

The guitars and bass page also had a major redesign to display the full photo of each one of the products.

Product Page

I had a lot of work on this page to redesign and add new features. I added more information with a little marker on the guitar, so people with less experience can see which part is what and what are the specifications.

Dealer by auto-location

This is also a new feature that I added on the website, with the auto-location feature the browser will ask the user to enable GPS tracking and on each product page will have the suggested dealers that are closer to you for the specific product