UI, UX & Icon Design • Redesign • 2016

OLX is one of the most popular websites in Brazil to sell and buy used and new products. I am a heavy user of the app and after many frustrations I started to think “Why not create my own version of the app based on reviews from real users”. I started doing my research with reviews from Google Play, App Store and a popular website in Brazil called “Reclame Aqui”. The idea of this redesign is to be easier and more functional for the inexperienced user.

New Icons

I created new icons so all set of icons used on this project have the same thickness and style.

My Account

I redesign this screen as you can compare the actual app and my version below. The most important features (My Sales Ads / Save Sales Ads) were moved to the top and less important content was kept on the bottom. I added a button to create a new sales ad. This way the user can have one more way to create an ad besides tapping on the menu and then tapping on the ‘Create Ad’ link.

Actual App

My Version

Sales Ad

Not much was changed from the original design. I created new icons with the same style of the icon set and added more information on the seller that was requested based on an user research and on reviews from Google Play and App Store.


The Chat is one of my favorite parts to redesign on the whole process. While I was doing my research to start the redesign of this project i stepped upon some comments about the information exchange when you’re using the Chat feature on the app.

When you start a conversation with someone about a desired product on the older version you weren’t able to get any information from the person that was interested on your product. On my design, we have 2 types of screens. The screen that you (Seller) sees with the information of the person interested on your product, and the screen that the interested person sees with only the product information and nothing else.


The design is just the final layer of layers of research and wireframes on the project. Here you can see my wireframe.