Vine for Windows Phone

UI, UX • Concept & Redesign • 2013

Vine is an application with the proposal to record videos up to 6 seconds. With the popularity of the app for iOS and Android I decided to create my own concept for the Windows Phone. I used the same guidelines for iOS but with the Windows Phone style of design and navigation.

Vine connects people


On the screens below not much was changed from the original design, just the navigation by swiping, following the Windows Phone guidelines.

Record & Edit

Press and hold to record

Additional recording options


As you can see below the share screen was also redesign with the Windows Phone guidelines.


In February of 2014 I was contacted by SendPoints, a Chinese book publisher to include this project in one of their books called GUI Design.

“As technology has rapidly advanced, so too has the way we use and interact with it. Gone are the days of flat black backgrounds dotted with blocky green text; now, users expect a massive range of colors, layouts, and fonts to be used to entertain and assist them in their daily lives. GUI Design assembles the best of recent graphic user interface for a collection that provides practical encouragement for those new to the world as well as inspiration for experienced designers. The book gathers Twitters Vine video creation app for Windows phones, the vulgar yet amusing Authentic Weather app, an application designed to help tourists follow the physical and ideological path of the Iron Curtain, and more to showcase programs that balance information flow with user experiences and highlight the creativity, inspiration, and expressive techniques used in their design. The projects within demonstrate the increasingly significant role of user interfaces in both design and our everyday lives in the modern world.”

You can buy the book here.